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Become an expert in trendy men's hairstyles, beards and mustaches

Want to become a barber? At Joucke’s Barbershop you will be trained in no time and you can work as a barber yourself.

As a barber, your work consists of cutting, shaving and trimming the hair and / or beard. You perform the work under the supervision of master barber Joucke Modderkolk. Advising and selling Nozem Pomade products is also part of your duties. You also ensure a clean and stylish barber shop, where customers feel at ease and can enjoy a treatment.

During this 40-week course you will learn the barber skills during the practical and theory lessons. During this training you will receive one-on-one and classroom lessons from master barber Joucke Modderkolk and you will use the latest Nozem Pomade products. You are expected to follow the lessons one to two days a week at Joucke’s Barbershop.

During the training, participants receive exams for the various components. The training is completed with an official exam and upon obtaining a certificate a certificate is issued.

Joucke’s Barbershop is a recognized training company.

recognized training company

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Become a model for Joucke’s Barbershop?

For the training courses of Joucke’s Barbershop we are looking for men who want to be models for the student barbers. A model is cut and / or shaved by one of the students. This while enjoying a drink. The students are personally guided by master barber Joucke and you are guaranteed to go out the door. Costs are one-off 10 euros.

Register now (via and who knows, maybe we will contact you to sit as a model.