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It is also possible to book Joucke Modderkolk, master barber, for training and / or courses for hairdressers. Joucke’s Barbershop is also present at various events, weddings and parties. In addition, Joucke’s Barbershop can also be hired for unisex salons.

Go back in time and experience the old-fashioned craftsmanship of Joucke’s Barbershop. Master barber Joucke Modderkolk from Doetinchem will teach you the tricks of the trade. In addition, Joucke with his Barbershop can also be admired at various events.

Do you have a cool bachelor party or a wedding, you can also book Joucke van Joucke’s Barbershop. Authenticity is paramount and you experience that. As Joucke would say:

“If we can’t make you look good, you are ugly.

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Or come and take a look in Doetinchem at Joucke’s Barbershop.